Wellness can start now, even while the world is on hold.

The world is on hold, but your health goals don’t have to wait. By becoming a member you will receive year-round holistic care. Starting with an individualised assessment and goal planning and with exclusive access to our health professionals and curated resources. Our team will check in with you regularly and help you navigate the system as you work towards your goals.

Comprehensive health assessment with a Doctor

An in-depth consultation, to discuss the things that are important to you. We look at your current lifestyle and wellness goals and use this to create a health profile individual to you. When we say comprehensive, we mean it. Our assessments cover your personal and family story, reproductive and sexual health, mental wellbeing and gut health.

Approximately 45 minutes, initially and then annually.

Health goals that fit your story and your needs

Based on your assessment we will help you generate health goals and be a guide on your journey to achieving these.
Regular check-ins with our team help to keep you, and us, on top of your needs.

We will contact you monthly to check-in.

A library of curated health resources

There’s a lot of information out there but not all of it is helpful. Our team has curated the best and most reliable resources to get you started on the right path. Our partners have developed some exclusive content available only to our members.

A growing library, evolving with the world around us.

Access to our team of health partners

We work best in partnerships, and your health should be no different. We have collaborated with a group of experts who can be your partners in achieving your goals. Meet our team and decide what services are right for you.

A 10 minute introduction is included, ongoing costs apply for further consultations.

*Due to the pandemic, we have had to change things up a bit and access to these member benefits have been put on hold for a few months. Rest assured this will be up and running soon and you will be first to access these parts of our service.

The Future*

Regular check-ins to help you in the present and annual screening to secure your future.

We offer biometric testing every time we see you. This helps you know how you are going and helps us tailor your health goals.

Referral to our GPs when you need their specialist input. You will receive member benefits such as first access to same-day appointments and online scripts.

Yearly skin checks are an absolute must in Australia but many of us don’t get around to it. As a member you will receive annual skin checks with our doctor. We will remind you when you are next due and book you in every year.

Meet our health partners

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