We are a general practice, done differently.

Seeing a doctor can be unpleasant. At Alto Health Rosebery The Cannery Medical Centre we want to change that.

We aim to provide you with exceptional service in a warm and inviting setting. Think clean and modern facilities, on time appointments and a few touches of home.

Our doctors will provide personalised medical care, which meets your needs, with a focus on you.

Our name was inspired by the clouds, and specifically the cloud formation named altocumulus. These clouds are dynamic, they are complex and interconnected, a lot like our health where there are many moving parts.

The idea to create a person centred and service focussed general practice came from our own experience with healthcare. We are a husband and wife, we are parents, and also doctors. Having experienced healthcare from both sides we found that general practitioners were generally very good, but long waits and complicated systems were frustrating, especially when you are busy balancing work and family.

Which is why we want to provide you with personalised medicine which puts you in control. We know you are busy, we appreciate that your time is valuable and you don’t want to wait for appointments. We get it.


The Cannery,
Suite 9-11, Level 1
61-71 Mentmore Avenue
Rosebery NSW 2018

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Year-round holistic care. As a member you will receive a yearly comprehensive health assessment with one of our doctors in order to determine your health goals and develop an individualised health plan for the next 12 months. You can access regular biometric health assessments to track your health.

You will have access to online check-ins with our team, and resources written especially for you.

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