Monique Cormack Nutritionist

I am a qualified nutritionist, holding a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) and professional accreditation from the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

As a nutritionist I help my clients achieve their health goals by reviewing their diet and lifestyle, planning achievable changes, and providing education and support. Nutrition is more than just what’s on your plate. I look not only at what you eat, but how you eat and live to help optimise your health.

Our world is full of confusing mixed messages about food and diets. I chose to change my life and study nutrition so I could cut through the rubbish and learn how to really eat well. It’s become my passion to help others who are also looking for genuine, evidence-backed answers.

I’m also a lawyer and a mother of twin boys, so you can trust me when I say I truly understand that life can be a juggling act. My approach to health is practical, realistic and can adapt to your lifestyle. Nutrition is important but it’s hardly the only thing most of us have to focus on. You don’t have to love being in the kitchen to eat healthily!

Some of the reasons you may book a consultation with me:

  • you’re struggling with digestive issues or a diagnosis such as coeliac disease or IBS
  • you want support in achieving a healthy weight
  • you want help planning a healthy diet that
    suits your lifestyle
  • you’re trying to conceive, or need pregnancy
    or postpartum support
  • you have PCOS, hypothalamic amenorrhea or endometriosis
  • You have a chronic condition e.g. high cholesterol where dietary
    management may be part of your overall treatment plan
  • you need advice on how to achieve a balanced vegetarian or
    vegan diet
  • you’re just feeling a bit confused about what to eat – there is
    so much mixed messaging out there